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1 Day Health & Safety in the Workplace (HABC, Level 2 Award)

To comply with health and safety legislation, your employees must be properly trained in all aspects of health & safety which presents a risk. Providing health & safety training for your employees will help you protect them against work related injury and illness and will also help to develop a positive health and safety culture within your organisation.

Our Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 2 Award covers all the core topics such as;  legislation, the workplace and workplace equipment, risk assessment, manual handling, hazardous substances, ergonomics and workstation design, transport and vehicles and noise etc.  The course can also be tailored to the specific needs of individuals on the course and businesses they represent.

The training meet HSE requirements  and on satisfactory completion, candidates will receive a HABC Level 2 certificate.

Course Fee: £70 (Includes VAT)
Group Discounts available.

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1 Day Fire Safety Warden/Marshall

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires all employers to have a strategy to evacuate all occupants within a building. The legislation implements a risk-based approach to fire safety in community, industrial and business premises and requires the responsible person (the employer, owner or occupier) to carry out a fire safety risk assessment and implement appropriate fire precautionary and protection measures and to maintain a fire management plan.

Our Fire Safety Wardens/Marshall training helps employers meet statutory requirement and will introduce your employees to the identification and control of fire risks.  This training is designed for employees with responsibility for fire safety (i.e. fire wardens or fire marshalls, as well as line managers, supervisors and safety representatives). 

On completion of the training, candidates will understand the basic fire hazards and consequential risks in the workplace and the precautionary measures that should be taken to minimise fire risks and receive certification.

Course Fee: £70 (Includes VAT)
Group Discounts available.

To book a  vacancy call us on 0845 257 6212 visit: or e-mail us at:


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